MEMBERSHIP So what you need for parachute jumping!

1. Desire - the desire to fulfill your dream, enjoy the freedom, real freedom of feeling, seeing the world from another point of view, from the height of bird flight.

2. Health - healthy heart, good vision and overall physical preparedness, which will establish a medical committee, because we care not only about the fulfillment of your dreams, but also your health and safety. Some fiziometrik standards are important - weight: not less than 42 kg and no more than 85 kg, and age: limit is 16 years old and above.

3. Preparation - in pre-agreed day you pass the primary training, which includes:

Theoretical part

  • general information about parachute, its history, types and kinds of flights,

Practical part

  • design and supervision of the personal parachute with instructor's help,
  • exercises using training devices,
  • training of sequence of actions during the flight.

Only after all this you will be allowed to take flight.

The flights take place in "Arzni" airport, which is located in the Nor-Hachn town about 19 kilometers away from Yerevan.

The flights take place in the morning and last about four hours.

Blue Sky waits for YOU!