HISTORY The Parachuteizm an Armenia

The Aeroclub was created in 1934 in the capital of the newly created Soviet Armenia Yerevan. Aeroclub contributed to the establishment of the fact that A. Khachatryan was detached to Moscow to take part in trainings of parachute jumper instructors. After his return the first parachute flights were organized for the aeroclub pilots' staff.
Very soon demonstrative parachute flights with waterfall were organized in lake Sevan. In order to encourage youth parachute towers were created and the flights were made in Yerevan and Kirovakan, which were adopted with great enthusiasm by young people.
Armenian parachuteizm was making its first steps with its young cadres toward its mastery, when the Great Patriotic War began. The students of aeroclub took part in the War of the Fatherland Liberation.
After the war, when economic conditions were difficult, when it was necessary to to stop up the aviation, the aerotechnical club was founded in Yerevan in 1948, where the parachutists were trained.
In order to transfer the acquired knowledge and skills, in 1951 instruction staff arrives from Moscow to Yerevan by LI-2 plane, which made Armenian aeroclub parachute jumpers' throw.

In 1956 aeroclub gets aerostat in order to make parachute flights, which contributes to the training of parachutist-athletes. At that time A. Ustabashyan is assigned as a parachute ring commander. Parachute flights were made in airport "Arzni". The number and the quality of parachute flights were gradually developed, which contributed to the fact that in 1960 Armenian athletes participated in the Transcaucasian tournament.
In 1961 coach A. Dunaev and AN-2 plane with its staff were detached to Yerevan from Moscow in order to prepare Armenian athletes for participation in 2nd sports festival of Soviet Union peoples and Championship of USSR.
Parachute ring Commander A. Ustabashyan, instructor G. Astraukhov and sportsman V. Malkhasyan were among the team members, who were take part in competitions after rehearsal in Minsk.
In 1965 not only men's but also women's teams took part in 3th sport festival of Soviet Union peoples and Championship of USSR. E. Drazdov was detached to Yerevan from Moscow to train these teams.
The tournament was held in Kiev. Armenian men's team members were E. Drozdove (captain), V. Karapetyan, R. Kalinkin, R. Gasparyan and V. Malkhasyan, women's team members were: M. Tumanyan, V. Smolyakova, Z.Aharonian and L. Krasnoshyokova.

In 1965 Yerevan aeroclub finally acquired AN-2 and Yak-12 planes. So parachute ring, which was headed by A. Ustabashyan, got a chance to prepare high level parachutists and opportunity to prepare more effectively for the competitions.
1965-1991 Armenian men's and women's collective team of parachute sport took part in all the sport festivals of Soviet Union peoples, Championships of USSR and DOSAAF, "White Gold" Cup, Transcaucasian and international competitions. During this period 23 sport masters, 1200 level athlete-parachutists and 10000 beginner parachutists were trained in Yerevan's aeroclub.
In different periods parachute ring was headed by A. Ustabashyan, Z. Aharonian, V. Malkhasyan, H. Ustubashyan and A. Karapetyan.
Yerevan's aeroclub played great role in development of Armenian parachutieizm with its parachute ring's parachutist-instructors: A. Zaqaryan, V. Nartikov, A. Azbukin, G. Ostroukhov, V. Karapetyan, F. Muradyan, T. Ilikchyan, A. Hayrapetyan, and its pilot-instructors: N. Khalatyan, Z. Aharonyan, D. Balayan.
1988-1993 new young team was created, which managed to participate in sport festivals of Soviet Union peoples, Championship of USSR, Transcaucasus and international competitions and got high rate.
Team members were: Men's team: A. Karapetyan, H. Sargsyan, L.Yeribekyan, L. Gevorgyan, P. Popov, A. Parivaev, Women's team: L. Baghdasaryan (Sargsyan), Q. Hambardzumyan (Ilikchyan), E. Verbickaya (Eribekyan), N. Timchenko.

1961 – 1991թթ. the trainers of collective team were:
  • 1961 - A. Dunaev
  • 1962 - R. Kalinkin
  • 1965 - E. Drazdov
  • 1966 - 1972 - D. Fadeev
  • 1973 - V. Karapetyan
  • 1988 - 1992 - T. Ilikchyan

They made a great contribution to the preservation and development of the parachute sport.
After the collapse of Soviet Union in 1993 the Armenian Army assumed the maintenance of parachuteizm of newly established Armenia. In 2002 Armenian parachute sport federation was founded based on parachute sport veterans' assembly. T. Ilikchyan was elected the first president of the federation.
Today in Armenia parachuteizm develops due to the the collaboration of the old masters and young generation.